Pro audio, lighting, music and products related to it, is the core of my business.

My typical clients are mostly manufacturers but through the years I have also worked with several other companies that need to introduce themselves to new markets, expand and/or enhance existing markets by intensifying activities to reach customers, clients and partners.


If you need extra resources in your company, get in touch to describe what you need to get done and find out whether or not, I can match the plans and what added value it would represent to hire me in.TOMMY L!DÉN É pic

I have worked for:

Manufacturers – Sales and marketing, approaching distributors and end users, customer relations as well as B2B.

Distributors – Identifying and approaching attractive brands and products, connecting retail partners and end user customers.

Trade magazines – Writing articles.

Audio and lighting rental companies – Reaching out to customers such as city councils, concert promoters, venues, event companies, festivals etc.

Trade shows – Creating stronger bonds with visitors/exhibitors and media.TOMMY L!DÉN É pic