It all started in the early sixties, with music and a light blue Hagstrom Kent electric guitar, actually the very same guitar that Kee Marcello played his first chords on when I visited his family a couple of days in the mid 60’s. He was only six or seven years old and could absolutely not keep his fingers off it and I instantly knew what would become of him. He later got an identical guitar from his parents and the rest is history!

Check out his music on “Scaling Up”, his new album released on October 14th 2016!



Playing the guitar is occasionally, still my “favourite waste of time” and that’s why I run TOMMY L!DÉN SONGS as a hub for my songwriting, recording, producing and mixing in my free time.

Use this link to have a listen to some of my songs on Spotify: TOMMY L!DÉN SONGS

TOMMY L!DÉN É picMy increasing interest in the technologies behind  products used in the entertainment industry, made me stop touring in the mid 80’s as I was offered to work in other segments of the business, employed by United Stage Production AB. Next job was at Folkparkernas Artistförmedling, one of the major artist agencies at the time. In 1989 I was employed as a salesman at Milab Microphones. And here I am!

Tommy Lidén Promotion AB, was started in 1993 (renamed Tommy Lidén AB late 2015), and is owned and run by Yours truly. I offer my clients support in sales, marketing, networking and business development. When the marketing job is done, that’s when you really have to go to work!

My typical clients are mostly manufacturers but through the years I have also worked with distributors, rental companies, trade magazines, event marketing companies and trade shows. Click the clients button above to see who they all are

TOMMY L!DÉN É picCommunication and presence was always key words and to cut through the media and cyber noise, even more so today. It’s amazing to follow how this industry has grown and the way modern technology makes it possible to spread multiple messages globally in a blink of an eye. Combined with a good personal customer relationship, this makes sure the possibilities to secure a brand presence are good.

Seemingly, it’s become generally harder and harder for the young generation to get jobs in modern society, so I recommend my clients to recruit young talents to be mentored and coached by “us older guys”. We all need the younger generation to take over one day soon and why not learn from them, while we hand over the keys!